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You've Tried Everything and Nothing Seems to Work

And You might have heard that hypnosis might help . . .

"Hypnosis may be used for the following issues:"

"And could offer all of these advantages..."
  • Non-invasive
  • Drug-free
  • Uses Natural Abilities
  • Self-generative

Why Hypnosis?

Again, there aren't any easy solutions, that's why we use hypnosis because hypnotherapy deals directly with the subconscious helping you to change your feelings about your cravings, habits, limiting beliefs etc.

I've Never Been Hypnotized, What Goes On?

Most people have never been "hypnotized." The 1st session is approximately 90 minutes in length with the first 20-30 minutes answering any questions you may have. That leaves about 60 minutes to do the actual work: Induction, Teaching you self-hypnosis, Creating a safe place, Negativity reframing, Calibration of responses, and Direct work on your issue.

How Does It Work?

Usually we start by reducing any negative feelings, then building better feelings (like relaxation, confidence, happiness, etc.) and re-associating better feelings to new, desired behaviors. All this is done while in hypnosis so that visualizations become more real.

8 Things To Look Out For When Choosing a Hypnotist:

  • Not just reading a script (our hypnotist seamlessly , intuitively draws upon hundreds of processes to customize your session on-the-fly)
  • Not just playing a recording tape
  • No Certification gimmicks
  • No entrainment devices nor swinging watches (too corny)
  • Emphasis on one-on-one private session WITH the Hypnotist
  • Over 25 years of experience with thousands of successful clients
  • Listens to you
  • No high pressure up-sell (like pushing multi-session packages or selling vitamin supplements)

Chicago Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy is Better at Helping You Because:

  • Ivy League Education (Columbia Univ, BA & Univ of Chicago, Masters) - You want a hypnotist who can think creatively and is good at problem solving.
  • The Hypnotist has many achievements outside of hypnotherapy - because it shows that he can apply it in real life as well as draw from those life experiences to further enhance YOUR session.
  • Our Philosophy of GETTING RESULTS in as few sessions as possible so that we grow our practice with referrals from satisfied clients!

Don't Call Until You're Ready to Make Some Real Changes in Your Life . . .
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WBEZ Radio (91.5 FM Broadcasting from Chicago's Navy Pier) - Interviews our very own Hypnotist, Vince Chung who did a live demonstration of hypnotherapy to help 2 guests with procrastination and the Show Host with worrying too much

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After experiencing hypnosis, Vince Chung (2nd from rt) with Show Hosts: Shantell Jamison, Luiz Perez, and guests

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It has been 11 days that I met with Vincent for the first time and he changed a big issue in my life in 90 minutes. I had created a habit that was self destructive; affecting my job, finances, relationship with my daughter & friends, health, weight and my mind. I tried counseling, acupuncture and anti-depressants, nothing seemed to work. I was at a last resort, I needed something to help me im mediately.

After talking with some individuals that I know that used hypnosis to stop smoking and was successful, I decided to check things out. I did some research on the internet and spoke with several hypnotherapists. When I spoke with Vincent, I could sense his passion for his work, with that I felt the honestly and his integrity. At that point I made the decision to schedule an appointment.

Vincent is very thorough with explaining what will transpire during the session before starting. He takes the time to go through your issues and what is most important to YOU to focus on right away. One side affect of my issue was that I could not sleep at night. I made a joke with my daughter and said, "If he can make me go to sleep, it will be a miracle" lol. The process was not what I expected. I thought I would need continuous treatments and/or "maintenance" treatments because I felt my issue could not be changed quickly. I was wrong.

I was always a social drinker, even though alcoholism runs in my family. Everyone goes through obstacles in their lives. It all started when I had a business 2 years ago with 2 other partners. The stress emotionally and financially can put anyone over the top. As more issues came up the more I noticed I was drinking. Before I knew it, I was 60 pounds heavier, depressed, financially upside down and lazy. I was drinking everyday, 2 pints of rum (apx. 50 ounces), sometimes more or less, up to less than 24 hours before my 1st session. I could not wait to see Vincent.

"I am happy to say that it has been 11 days and I have not had 1 drop of alcohol!! I would recommend this treatment to anyone. It's an investment in your self, your health and happiness. It is safe, no medications, it's your mind - body - soul - and Vincent! I am going to continue with Vincent on other issues that I have such as my weight, procrastination and more. I am in a much happier place in such a short amount of time, thank you Vincent!!"

Kelly Norman, Hoffman Estates, IL *

"Mr. Chung is the very best at Hynotherapy in the Chicagoland area. He helped me in 1 session to stop a life long bad habbit of stuttering and checked back every 2 weeks until he was satisfied that the treatment worked. Thank you so much, Mr. Chung. Signed............................A very grateful patient."
Chris Follert *

Thank you Vincent.. you are amazing. you really are very insightful, professional and smart. You have really made a...

Posted by Tara Lubin on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

*(Disclaimer: Testimonials appearing on this site are Individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our services in some way or another. However, they are individual results and results do vary.)

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