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Q:  I think I cannot be hypnotized.
A:  With a skilled hypnotist, everyone who is willing and has an IQ above 70, can be hypnotized and reap benefits from it.    However, in the rare event that you are not hypnotized, you will get a full refund.

Q:  I don't want to lose control
A:  Actually, in this state you are more in control as well as more aware of what's going on.  Everyone is hypnotized several times in a normal day (TV, advertisements, while driving, while bored, watching a great movie etc...) Why not experience hypnosis under your own direction and for your own goals?

Q:  What does hypnosis feel like?
A:  Hypnosis is a natural relaxed state of mind and body and clients are often surprised that they can hear every word. They feel more aware and know they can "wake up" anytime.  He or she may not "feel" any different than when relaxing in their favorite easy chair. Also, you cannot be made to do anything against your will or against your nature.  You never "lose" control. Upon emerging, many clients report feeling relaxed, stress-free, and lighter, like a weight released from them.  The problem they came in for  is often noticeably relieved!

Q: Will the positive effects of the session last?
A: It can last as long as you want it to last. "Learning" is a good analogy to use to answer this question. While people can learn new behaviors, habits, beliefs; these can also be replaced by newer learnings re-prioritizing one's learnings thoughout their lives.

Q:  Too good to be true!  What's the catch?
A:   Rapid changes in feelings and behaviors hardly take place consciously.  However, unconsciously, your mind processes thoughts regardless of time.  Hypnotherapy helps people to take-back control of their minds (and thus hurtful feelings and behaviours are changed).

Q: Is hypnosis expensive? How much does a hypnosis session cost?
A: Look at it from the standpoint of long term costs:  Many issues solved in 3 sessions or less so it is far less costly than other therapies.

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Q: Why is hypnosis not mainstream?
A: Hypnosis is used everywhere and at all times; it seems that only hypnotists openly disclose that they use hypnosis (whether that is a good marketing strategy or not is another question). Movies, TV, advertisements, authoritative figures all put us into different emotional states and sometimes changes our behaviors (hey, that sounds like hypnosis!). Placebos, and the parent who "kissed-a-boo-boo-to-make-it-feel-better" are other examples of hypnosis. When a medical doctor tells a patient, "you-just-have-to-live-with-that-pain-for-the-rest-of-your-life-and-you-better-get-used-to-it " he/she is using negative suggestions in hypnosis especially when you're under anesthesia.

However, in a clinical hypnotherapy practice, we work with you to get you intentionally in the direction where you want to go.

Q: Do you do hypnosis stage shows?
A: I do not have any interest in performance hypnosis. However, before the American Medical Association approved the use of hypnotherapy for certain medical purposes in 1956, stage shows kept the practice alive as well as indirectly provided much empirical data for its clinical therapeutic use.

Q:  Will I cluck like a chicken?
A:  If that is what you want.  We are not judgmental and will help you get the goals you want.

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