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Is the Fear of Public Speaking (Glossophobia) Holding You Back From Career Advancement and Social Events?

  • Do you feel sick, sweaty, or your heart races once you find out that you have to speak?
  • Are you sick and tired or fed up with this problem?
  • And have you noticed that it's not getting better? (in fact worse?)

Since hypnotherapy deals directly with the subconscious, you now have the tools available to get to the root of the problem.

Many people who look for therapy to get over their Fear of Public Speaking are pleasantly surprised to find out that a hypnotherapist offers a safe and effective approach to their solution.

Don't let The Fear of Public Speaking Keep You Down!

I am professional, respectful, understanding, and non-judgmental, and we endeavor to offer satisfying progress from each and every session.

We customize each session with flexibility offered each and every client. After discussing and listening to how your issue uniquely manifests, we assemble a careful sequence of "mental exercises" (processes) to offer you relief which may include but not limited to any of the following:
  • General negativity reframing,
  • Changing Submodalities
  • Anchoring Resourceful (Positive) States,
  • Disassociation (NLP)
  • Future Pacing
  • and many other processes when appropriate

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"Mr. Chung is the very best at Hynotherapy in the Chicagoland area. He helped me in 1 session to stop a life long bad habbit of stuttering and checked back every 2 weeks until he was satisfied that the treatment worked. Thank you so much, Mr. Chung. Signed............................A very grateful patient."
Chris Follert, March 5, 2012

"My sweaty palms went away after 20 years. I am more social and doing better at school, thanks man" -Jim Kim, October 3, 2009, Glenview

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