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Life is going ok with you but perhaps . . .
  • You just want to relax more deeply or learn how to empty your mind of clutter.
  • You seek direction and wisdom without being directed.
  • You want to stop trying so hard and just allow more good into your life.
  • You need a little help recentering and rebalancing yourself while reducing stress.
  • You are open to experiencing true mind-expanding phenomena
I will teach you how to reach your higher-self and higher consciousness. Whether you're spiritual, religious, agnostic, etc. it doesn't matter. This is something you must experience at least once in your life to find the truth that is within yourself.

Using traditional meditation, it took me months of daily meditation to reach a fair level of enlightenment. With my guided relaxation and meditation methods you can be assured to reach this level or higher much sooner.

This journey is not for everyone but everyone who has experienced it, felt uplifted, wiser, more balanced, in tune with both the world and that which surrounds it, and of course much more deeply relaxed than they have ever felt before.

" Even if you don't believe, you will truly going to the spa for a massage. " - Romana on Feb 8, 2010 Northbrook, IL

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